.WBT Franchise

WBT Franchise

Products and Expertise

WBT franchise is based on the foundation of providing differentiated, value-added advice and services to our clients on complex strategic decisions.

WBT provides advice on the full range of strategic transactions, including mergers, sell-side and buy-side advisories, leveraged buy-outs, joint ventures, strategic alliances, solutions about investing in Franchise and Real Estate.

We deliver to our clients an integrated advisory approach that draws upon our strengths in providing strategic and tactical expertise, global reach, critical industry knowledge, structuring and financing innovations and solutions, and our experience.

The People of WBT

People are the greatest asset of WBT – it is only with the focus and dedication of our people that we can advance the firm’s goal of supporting economic growth.

The people of WBT strive to improve the communities where they live and take special efforts to help the underserved in many parts of the world.

Respecting human rights begins with how we create a workplace that fosters a culture of diversity, respect and teamwork to achieve excellence in our endeavors – for our clients and our communities.

Attracting new talent and developing our people.


• Potential for attractive rates of return

• Extensive portfolio diversification

• A long-term investment perspective

• Investments with high-growth potential

Institutional investors are increasingly seeking to diversify their portfolios and to increase investment

returns by looking beyond traditional securities.

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