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The FAMOUS is a leading brand in the field of women’s and youth footwear is rapidly expanding through franchise, providing the best value for money products, exceptional quality and design.

The group FAMOUS governed by humanistic philosophy placing in the core business activity of the customer and focus on the real satisfaction of needs and desires. Serve actual values ​​and set high goals oriented constant evolution and development. Support and develop the creativity, innovation and imagination of his associates, transforming their ideas into commercial and social policy. Know the needs of the modern woman through quality services and products FAMOUS endeavor to offer maximum satisfaction.


The FAMOUS analyzing the social and psychological profile of the modern woman, created a comprehensive and constantly renewed range of products with great elegance, aesthetics and affordability, highlighting the personality and style during the whole day. With unique competitive advantages on price and cosmetic products, FAMOUS has created and developed a business system franchise , which relates to a particular type of recognizable and easy to store specific configuration, and a complete organizational system for the operation of stores , providing:

  • Low investment
  • Modern style store
  • Guarantee Success
  • Continuous supply store with new designs and ensure maximum occupancy in Goods
  • Annihilation of stakes, the consignment goods and refund of the original item in case of termination of cooperation

The FAMOUS in the context of rapid development, recognizing the current market conditions and feeling confident about the success of its partners innovate and undertake business risk investors, as returns the value of the original goods in the event of termination franchise.

Specifically, the business proposal franchise of FAMOUS relates to shops from 50 sq.m. landmarks in trade routes, the cost configuration and equipment amounted to 10,000 Euro to 20,000 Euro. The original merchandise is of the order of 12,000 Euro – 15,000 Euro, the value of which the company shall agree in writing that the franchise agreement to the franchisees refundable on termination of the franchise agreement for any reason.

In this way the FAMOUS not only eliminates the business risk as it gives licensees the same time the ability to sell this furniture store them, compared to 50% of its value in the event of termination, but also provides full and continuous support and mainly supplies the franchise stores through stock.

Franchisees FAMOUS not only pay goods store, but at the same time acquire a branded store, which then has the most updated collections and designs.


The FAMOUS has both the expertise as well as the organizational and logistical infrastructure to ensure the success of its partners – licensees, providing a range of benefits including:

  • Excellent quality products
  • Wide range of products
  • New projects during the year
  • Unique selling price
  • Products aesthetic and fashion
  • High gross margin
  • Documented high yields
  • Promotions, both locally as gift certificates, etc., as well as at the national participation in fashion shows, Pageant (eg tourism miss, miss world tourism) etc.
  • Exploiting Social media , contests in facebook etc.
  • Initial support at finding and evaluation shop, study architecture and lighting, furnishings, education, etc.
  • Continuous support in organizing sales, Marketing , Store operation, Merchandising , staff etc.

The business proposal FAMOUS surpasses the competition so far, changing the data in the industry and ensures the most successful business – professional development for staff – franchisees. All you want is the desire, the excitement and the desire to connect to your professional development with a leading brand and a rapidly growing chain, respecting the principles of total quality and excellent customer service.