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The Solo Cafe constitute a clear business proposal franchise with dominant product of coffee, a great quality, variety and price, with each store having the form of a machine espresso. The Solo Cafe is one of the most modern and dynamic concepts in their industry, offering a wide variety of coffee and also delicious snacks at incredibly low prices and unbeatable quality


The company’s philosophy is simple:

  • good coffee,
  • delectable snacks
  • friendly service.

The triptych is the success of all branches Solo Cafe.


The Solo Cafe are the most modern concept in the field of Micro Focus, offering a wide variety of coffee (freddo cappuccino, espresso, cappuccino, caffee latte, frappe, etc.) as well as delicious snacks (buns, breadsticks etc.) at incredibly low prices and unbeatable quality, with cappucino be made as desired by the customer, with cream, evaporated milk or herbal cream. The shops cater to customers – all ages – high quality requirements and services coffee to go in standing and passing.


Indicative for a typical store of 25 sq.m., the estimated average investment cost is around 20,000 euros. Both the architectural design and the design of the store is a surprise for everyone involved.

The store will be located in reference to intense commercial traffic (large pedestrian, parking possibility, public transport stops, civic institutions: banks, government agencies, companies, etc.), where in each case the choice of point assessed and selected in accordance with the instructions of the company.