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The OYO changing the data in our culinary delights, innovate and stands as it gives us the ability to choose our own ice cream in a waffle cone or cup, escaping from the classics, to the ice cream made on the spot, in front of us, with flavors and toppings you want.


In each OYO customers are greeted by the aroma of freshly baked waffle inspired their own unique ice cream, choosing the flavors that suit them, like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, pistachio, cheesecake, sweet cream, cream, gianduja.

Once you decide, the magic begins! The experienced staff of OYO puts ice cream on a frozen plate and skillfully embarks on a fanciful show, mixing it with the toppings of choice for customers and a few minutes to separate your own ice cream is ready.

The OYO uses a new technology, the main element Refrigerated plate at – 12o C /-18 C, upon which remarkably mixed with ice cream toppings, with the client to monitor the preparation in real time, having selected the flavors of ice cream and materials like as nuts, smarties, chocolate, candy, syrups, fresh fruit, egg etc.


The management team of OYO after extensive research and preparation, aiming to provide an authentic and quality ice cream, through the unique way of preparing and serving created a comprehensive package of franchise, offering an unsurpassed dining experience every time customers visit its stores of.

The business proposal OYO relates to store 30 m² in a central location, preferably in walkways, malls and shopping streets with heavy traffic especially during the summer months. The design of the shop is very modern following minimal lines and eco friendly items. As regards products, over ice cream there are a variety of drinks, such as high quality coffees at very good prices, juices, teas, milkshakes, and waffles, as well as frozen yogurt.


The ice cream is made before your eyes, and beyond tasty treat with fun, enthusiasm regulars and passersby with a show that combines image, motion and taste.

The Franchise System of OYO provides a range of benefits that ensure success:

  • Unique and differentiated product and concept
  • Fun way of preparing
  • High growth prospects
  • Lineup faces seasonal fluctuations in demand
  • Low initial investment
  • High margins
  • Top expertise provided through original, full and rounded education, from manufacturing and logistics, to customer service and store management
  • Continuous support and advertising promotion
  • Exclusivity region
  • Zeros marketing fees
  • Deliverability of the store with the key in hand