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The Chain Laboratory Joe kid’s shoes relates to functional, ergonomic and pleasant shopping with fun colors for the little ones. In combination with the wide variety of high-quality anatomical footwear and related species, and the most basic to our time at preferential prices fully meet current market conditions.

INITIAL INVESTMENT: from 14,500 Euro

The success experienced by stores Joe kid’s shoes based on the commitment to continuous research and high expertise of the parent company resulting in a full range of children’s shoes and related items to the highest quality, and guided by the most stringent manufacturing standards, targeting the right development and health of children.

With respect to the needs of child development, Joe kid’s shoes children’s shoes offer capable to deal with absolute knowledge, expertise and in line with the latest fashion trends in designs, colors and materials.

The company’s philosophy is expressed through our focus on product quality, the friendly environment and excellent service at affordable selling prices averaging 25 to 30 Euro, always in compliance with the most stringent standards of construction, materials and anatomy.

With absolute commitment to the principles of trying then for the very best, Joe kid’s shoes has managed to provide high quality shoes, making sure the bottom to be anatomical – soft and pliable under the convoy (the point where of course the shoe flexes as the weight is transferred from the heel to the toes), be light to not hinder the natural movement, with non-slip bottom to help stability, with leather lining around the inside of the shoe and always make crazy designs that parents and children.

Purpose of Joe kid’s shoes is above all, proper child development, starting with the first steps and continuing through adolescence. Remains constant values ​​and true quality, paying attention to small details that make a big difference.

In that approach, the Joe kid’s shoes has designed a successful system franchise , low investment and risk, with high yields, creating a dynamic retail network, providing:

  • Study and expertise in construction and configuration of the store in order to create a functional and parallel impressive shop, always with low cost.
  • Support with the help of experienced colleagues for planning orders, serving innovative, enabling partners to plan their orders in accordance with the needs of their store, controlled and targeted, so as not to create stock .
  • Exclusivity and protect geographical area, with full support for local promotions and advertising synergies.
  • Reduced (to zero) risk in a controlled stock , protecting the original order and proper guidance during repetitive.
  • Great collection with designs that meet the needs and desires of the most demanding buyer.
  • Unbeatable price – quality ratio.
  • Continuous support, providing retail plan for each store, with supervision at regular intervals, management of stock, promotions etc.
  • Structured initial order after study of local purchasing behavior and continuous renewal of products throughout the year.