Buying a franchise not only gives the individual the right to use the company’s name and set up a business selling the company’s products or services, but it can also enable the individual to be able to tap into the marketing and business expertise of the larger and much more experienced company, too. Training may also be available for managers and owners.

Franchise opportunities can be found in nearly very sector of industry today. These companies that present the business opportunity may be large or small, and they may or may not be experienced with helping new franchises get off the ground.

What follows is a general list of what we believe are the main selling points associated with purchasing a franchise.

You’re buying into an idea that’s already proven to be successful.

The management of the business has already been formulated.

The support network is already in place

Your chances at receiving business financing are greatly improved

Franchises are less likely to fail compared to other small businesses

This directory is a list of the best franchises to buy on the WBT website. Here you will find the top franchises opportunities around as determined by the growth rate and demand for the industry, product, or service. These franchises are in a high growth industry and are expected to stay in high demand for the foreseeable future.

WBT offers matchmaking services connecting investors looking to buy a franchise business and vendors trying to sell a franchise business.

We developed a flexible search engine to help buyers, and those looking for venture capital or traditional financing find the results that match their criteria. This is done by querying our extensive database of franchises.

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