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The chain has a presence in the franchise through the branches Express Market, which numbers 120 members. Also has closed annual contracts to supply products to 977 retail yet, but do not bear the mark above but supplied with special prices, delivery and limited credit.

Provides an effective proposal and affordable for any professional who is either active or wants to operate in areas such as focus (restaurants, cafes, taverns, hotels, etc.), retail (Shops from 50 sq.m. to 1000 m)..

This is a special collaboration, based on the philosophy that all partners would procure products traded in their stores directly from the industry, while achieving special discounts.

The express market is grocery stores offering a wide variety of products that can meet the needs of every consumer. Combine the small neighborhood grocery with great variety and great offers, with the support of large retail chain

For the consumer express market means four words: proximity, speed, quality and economy.

What are the advantages of investing in the express market

  • The dynamic, prestige, long experience, excellent expertise and comprehensive support at all levels of operation of the shop partner.
  • Contract simple and without time constraints.
  • There are no costs for the partner such charge other brand names.
  • Every associate can make a store according to the financial capabilities (no commitments and obligations that raise the cost of the investment).
  • The business partner operates autonomously, without any requirement or obligation for specific results
  • The company provides partners with the necessary assistance needed an investor to open a retail store at no charge (design shop – suppliers of fixed assets – final setup shop – computer system, etc.).

Technology at the service of express market

Since the beginning of 2013 came into operation the application Web Orders Express Market designed exclusively for partners of department special co-franchise. It is an application that supplies and inventory management is done by automatic electronic means, directly and effectively. The orders are placed electronically through internet.

The express market is supported with marketing, communication and sales promotion.