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The Coffee Island are a mix of traditional and modern coffee houses in combination with highly qualified staff lay the foundations for an efficient investment. Thanks to the strict selection of fine varieties of coffee and roasting daily in modern manufacturing facilities of the company the consumer has the ability to “initiated” into the secrets of the magic world of coffee.

The Coffee Island give their customers the opportunity to purchase fresh ground coffee for home while drinking coffee of their choice made with care by highly trained staff of Coffee.

The Coffee Island pioneers and combine traditional coffee service with coffee to go.

INITIAL INVESTMENT: from 55.000 € (including entry fees and original merchandise, configuration and equipment)

The reasons for our success in today’s domestic market

  • Carefully steps in the development of network-based strategic planning.
  • High quality products at the most competitive prices.
  • Singularity concept and philosophy of stores and products.
  • Continuous investment in expertise of coffee.

The company constantly invests in knowledge and expertise of coffee, being certified by the leading and most recognized players in the coffee industry with certifications in areas:

  • brewing (Basic Barista, Barista Level 1 & 2),
  • green (raw) coffee (Green Coffee Level 1 & 2),
  • milling and coffee extraction (Grinding and Brewing Level 1 & 2),
  • tasting and evaluation (Sensory and Cup Tasting Level 1 & 2),
  • processing and roasting coffee (Roasting Level 1 & 2).

Coffee Island

The most comprehensive and balanced blend:

  • Ultimate Combination Coffee & espresso bar
  • Carefully steps in developing network based strategic planning
  • Respect to the consumer, providing high quality products
  • Close personal relationship with each franchisee individually
  • Absence Royalties on turnover of enterprises
  • Lack of requirements for minimum orders
  • Absence of corporate stores
  • Continuous investment in expertise of coffee (members SCAE & SCAA, SCAE Coffee Diploma)
  • Investing in the proper training of franchisee (SCAE Authorized Trainers)
  • Productive autonomy and continuous Research & Development