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The BANKIE constitute the most dynamic sector in the concept of Micro Focus, offering drinks (coffees, milkshakes, juices etc.) and snacks – food (sausage rolls, pies, sandwiches, cap cakes, cereal bars, donuts, etc.) in particular affordable prices and excellent quality. Small shops, with low operating costs are areas of contemporary architecture and interior design, fully differentiate and adjust its lineup depending on the needs of each region. INITIAL INVESTMENT: from 15,000 €

BANKIE has become is an innovative business proposal, concerning both the architectural design and construction, and with its product range and quality of products.

The shops BANKIE evaluated and selected by qualified personnel of the parent company, with the possibility of finding award the most appropriate store by region, with the aim can be built quickly, economically and with the best workmanship.

Each BANKIE following the corporate identity of the chain while being different and unique, with design and manufacturing take the parent company, both to complete the store quickly and correctly, and the other at lower cost, exploiting the experience and expertise of the parent company in the construction sector.


The  BANKIE vary with the youthful and contemporary architectural design and feature sweet and savory dishes, and beverages (coffee, juice, etc.).

During the summer and not only served milkshakes based vanilla ice cream and add chocolate as Mars or Snickers, with potential for bulk ice cream / soft ice cream / frozen yogurt in a variety of flavors and toppings.

They have excellent quality branded 100% Arabica coffee at an unbeatable price.

Possible product, their milkshakes, changing the way we know it so far.

Moreover, each store features design items for sale, such as bags, skateboards, chairs, dividers and more from famous European brands as Quinze & Milan, Eastpak Sprayground.

The VANKIE appeal to a wide target group 13 – 50 to take away, with a core age group of 15 to 25 for seated, with the possibility for delivery depending on the region.


The BANKIE pay particular attention to the design of the store, where a portion of the store is one color (white) and one part is painted with g raffiti. For, no, lighting store used lamps winners Plumen, who adapt to skateboards . For interior decoration used items, furniture and fixtures, from famous and award-winning design firms abroad like:

  • Quinze & Milan (chairs, pouffes, pillows)
  • Plumen (bulbs)

The architectural design of BANKIE differentiates strongly and non-replicable the concept of competition, and enhance the brand awareness via visibility in websites of branded companies / suppliers, and the various design blogs and magazines.

The graffiti is done with the assistance and support of the «I Support Street Art», blog with audience of over 50,000 people from all over the world, mainly artists, graphite and lovers of design, and every store is running and the blog as an artistic event, the graffiti will be “live” during the opening of the store.

The stores also offer special sockets for charging mobile, laptops etc. as tablets for internet surfing from customers especially stands.


Each store offers consumers highly affordable sandwiches, Cupcakes, Donuts , sausage rolls, pies, cereal bars, coffees, milkshakes , juices, chocolates, bulk ice cream and frozen yogurt.

At the same time, features Design items for sale, such as bags, skateboards , lighting, seating, partitions and other by famous European brands, such Quinze & Milan, P lumen, E astpak.

The BANKIE are the most modern and youthful take away – self service shops, meeting point and hot spot of the region, the trends of each season, changing and remain up-to-date!


The proposed franchise of BANKIE configured according to the requirements of modern times and is the most youthful and innovative proposal in the field of Micro Focus:

  • Has strongly differentiating evidence regarding the architectural design of shops.
  • It offers products in excellent quality and low prices ideal for the consumer.
  • This is a versatile product mix, as the menu is enriched and differentiated both by region and by time period, that BANKIE always be in fashion.
  • Ensures very low investment because of the experience and expertise of the parent company.
  • Provides immediate visibility in each store, both because of its innovative Design , and the Grand Opening Event with live Graffiti .
  • Creates the haunt of youth in each region, with savory and sweet dishes, but also with objects design available for sale at trendy places specially designed to be the premier Meeting Point , with Wi – Fi , Tablets , mobile chargers for Mr. etc..


The parent company of BANKIE provides throughout the course of cooperation with licensees complete and effective support:

  • Rating shop, but finding – recommendations for shops
  • Architectural design, tradition and turnkey licensing health status
  • Power products and goods
  • National promotion and advertising
  • Coordinate events
  • Education
  • Continuous support


The proposal of franchise BANKIE based diptych “low initial investment ‘-‘ differentiated Concept ». As consumers are looking for the perfect product at the best price, so interested young entrepreneurs seeking proposals value for money , ie low initial investment and simultaneously complete package franchise .

Under this logic was the concept of Bankie , which is characterized by:

  • Low investment, of about 20,000 Euros, including configuration store, equipment and entry fees , as well as low operating costs.
  • Novel features in two levels:
    •  Innovative and funky design shop with graffiti on the walls, skateboards ceilings, living and general equipment by award-winning design firms abroad.
    • Selected items for sale as the Eastpak bags and Design items of Quinze & Milan and other brands.
  • Stores vary strongly based on the design, eg graffiti, seats – type spinner etc. and become the benchmark in their area.
  • Personalized – different shops to each other (due to different graffiti) and simultaneously with the same corporate identity.
  • Product range is characterized by a relatively wide range of sweet and savory dishes, as well as drinks at low retail prices.
  • Flexibility of licensees for both the retail pricing of products, and our range of products, with the ability to select suppliers and to add – subtract categories species, always with the support and approval of the parent company, as hot dog, ice yogurt, soft or loose ice cream, bagels, sandwiches, salads, cupcakes, etc. Flexibility and full transparency as regards procurement, as the parent company has suppliers who pay directly.
  • Complete package franchise starting from the corporate identity, the ability to deliver the turnkey business plan per store, Evaluation – approval shop, to find, store and issue such license health, education, organization of the inauguration, the continuous support, nationwide advertising campaign.

The bankie show that there are opportunities and potential for growth amid crisis, both for entrepreneurs who want to develop their own network franchise, and for stakeholders seeking to be destroyed risk, pleasant working conditions and satisfactory yields.