We hold all aspects of our business, operational and investment, accountable to the highest quality standards in the industry.

We have created instruction manuals for each functional area of WBT business, which are reviewed each year and updated or improved as necessary.

Every member of the WBT team shares the responsibility for developing new quality standards for Franchise and Real Estate, and for ensuring that these best practices are met.


We believe that leadership means setting an example by demonstrating our integrity and adherence to our stated principles at every level of our business.

Only then can we attract leading investors from around the world to entrust their capital with us, and only then can we expect those with whom we invest to follow similarly rigorous standards.


We believe in setting out our policy for operating and investing, and sticking to it. We do not follow trends or fads, and can be stubborn in our views.

Our adherence to our core strategy has delivered strong returns for our investors to date, with purchase prices and leverage across our portfolios at less than half the market average.


We take our job as steward of our partners seriously.

We believe in both protecting and growing it. We adhere to the highest levels of compliance and corporate governance.

Client-Driven Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy and consistently implemented investment process ensures that our interests are aligned with those of our clients.

We work closely with each client to define and implement a program that is consistent with its investment objectives.

We construct diversified private equity portfolios that are structured as funds of funds or can be tailored to each client’s specific guidelines.