Understanding your Financial Personality

We know each of our clients is a unique individual, so the Investment Portfolio we recommend will be tailored to reflect who you are.

Traditionally, investment advisors were mainly interested in finding out where you stood on the scale of Risk Tolerance; whether you are “conservative,” “moderate” or “aggressive.”

Investors would then be prescribed set portfolios accordingly.

By contrast, our approach aims to create a high resolution picture of you as a multi-faceted, financially-aware individual with a complex mix of attitudes, goals and aspirations.

The innovative approach enables us to take portfolio planning to a new level, utilizing insights from leading thinkers in finance and psychology.

We help you clearly understand the basis of our investment recommendations on Franchise and Real Estate  and provide context regarding how you make financial decisions.

There are numerous advantages to choosing to go into business via franchising. Franchising business opportunities have been tested and proven and refined until they work to maximum efficiency.

Just about any industry you can think of is represented in the franchising world.

Food, retail, and service franchise opportunities come in nearly every style, size, and business model you can think of. Simply look for the one that matches your skills and interests.

As part of your Wealth Review, we will also look at other essential components of your investment profile, such as your overall time horizon, income requirements, liquidity profile.

All these will affect how we manage your portfolio, and which services we offer, in order to provide a mix of wealth management services that’s appropriate for you.

The best solution depends upon both who you are and what you want your wealth to achieve.

2. Advice with a global perspective

Asset allocation and diversification are the keys to risk management and investment returns.

With your Wealth Review and Financial Personality as the foundation, we start by using our knowledge of your Risk Tolerance to identify one of the five model portfolios to provide the right overall asset allocation for you.

These model portfolios incorporate both our award-winning investment research capabilities and our sophisticated asset allocation approach.

3. Tailored portfolio construction

Once we’ve identified the overall investment strategy that’s right for you, we can fine-tune your portfolio to reflect your unique personality.

Our understanding of your financial personality helps us find the best ways to implement your asset allocation.

Creating the portfolio that’s right for you

We will also use our knowledge of your personality to customize your portfolio in other key areas, including:

Liquidity – the right proportion of a liquid investment allows you to take advantage of the potentially higher returns available from less liquid investments, while still feeling comfortable about your ability to access your wealth.

Smoothing – some investments can help to offset the effects of market volatility, giving you steadier, more consistent returns (though this may involve sacrificing some upside).

Downside Defense – we can suggest strategies and solutions that limit the extent of potential losses, helping to safeguard your capital and at minimal cost in terms of long-term performance.

Active Management – your portfolio can be tailored to your own convictions about the importance of investment skill.

Clients with high conviction in active management can benefit from our in-depth research on fund managers, while clients with low conviction can invest passively using index funds and structured notes.

We will also make ongoing recommendations to help you capitalize on opportunities across world markets.

Customized management

Once your portfolio has been constructed, we will keep working to try to improve your returns, control risk and keep you informed.