Excellence in Investments

WBT as an investment adviser has focused on private equity—venture capital, buyouts, Franchising, real estate, and special situations—by making investments in professionally managed partnerships.

WBT investment team applies in-depth fundamental research and a rigorous due diligence process to selecting the best Franchise and Real Estate opportunities, constructing portfolios and monitoring investments that have the potential to produce attractive long-term rates of return.

WBT takes great pride in the growth and success of its organization.

WBT offers a unique combination of performance, continuity among senior professionals and alignment of interests that stems from its history as an independent manager focused solely on investments in Franchise and Real Estate.

WBT strengths include its commitment to building relationships with clients and general partners alike—and a dedication to providing a culture of long-term partnership among investors and their investments in Franchise and Real Estate.

We want to see your wealth as you see it – taking into account your individual personality as well as your financial goals.

Our first step is to assess where you are now.

The more we know about your wealth circumstances, the better we can serve you.

Building up a comprehensive picture of your wealth situation helps us see where the gaps are, where you might be over-exposed to risk, and make sure that no appropriate opportunities are missed.

It also means we can take a closer look at how you think about your wealth. In our experience, clients intuitively group their assets into three categories:

Personal Holdings – you can think of these as assets that maintain your lifestyle.

Investment Portfolio – this is a diversified selection of assets designed to achieve long-term growth while taking an appropriate degree of risk.

Opportunistic Investments – these are usually concentrated-risk assets in which people have strong convictions or expertise (e.g. your own business)

Often these holdings are associated with who you are, or what you do, and may be aimed at your inspirational need to move to the next level of wealth.

Franchising means you don’t have to go into business alone.

You have a partner who understands the business – after all they created the business and have built it into a successful operation

The franchise partner is there to support you. No matter what business you are in, the franchisor is backing you up.

The beauty is that you still get to be the boss who operates and oversees the business.