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Moshe’s came into being 2004, when chef moshe sheck decided to open the country’s first chefs signature restaurant. He brought together flavours from the Mediterranean, an area he has lived, traveled and worked as chef for many years.

Today, Moshe’s foray into hospitality business is in the form of restaurants, local cafes, bakery goods and small to medium catering operations.

An in-house specialty bakery and patisserie delivers fresh bread and desserts for sale at each of the outlets with the restaurant boasting of having the largest dessert menu in the country.

We do a lot of things the old fashioned way and keep away from artificial food colourings, flavours, additives or preservatives. We put in every effort to source produce that is fresh, natural and preferably local.

We ensure our preparations by producing a large part of our basic food inhouse – such as jams, breads, beverage mixes, accompaniment sauces and all in our well equipped central kitchen.